We were at the Rugby World Cup!

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You may have noticed Tara and I, right behind the posts, camera left, about fifteen rows back amongst a large contingent of Wallaby supporters. We were the ones in white jumping up and down when England scored. Luckily we weren’t the only ones who had ponced a couple of seats off of a less than confident Wallaby supporter; there were six of us isolated amongst about six hundred yellow jerseys. The guy next to me – an Englishman living in Sydney, hated every second of the game, he’d put up with 5 years of barracking from his work colleagues, neighbours, drinking friends etc. and simply couldn’t face the thought of having to go through it again for another 4 years. Poor guy – he was shaking so hard with the adrenalin, he almost spilled the brandy I had to practically force down his throat at half time. He was almost suicidal at full time. The weather was terrible, cold, rain, wind, more rain followed by no rain, no wind then back to rain again. Most of the crowd had [...]